We offer a broad range of high quality products and professional services to provide technology, management and automation services for buildings and offices. All our products are integrated into our AIMNET platform to allow problem free compatibility with central point management and support.

The following products and services are a part of the AIMNET Smart-Building platform and can be installed independently or as a totally integrated package. You can always expand your AIMNET platform to include additional products or services at any time.

  • Climate control and temperature management
  • HVAC operation and energy management systems
  • Lighting control and lighting automation
  • Access control and card key systems
  • Surveillance video and monitoring systems
  • Data networks, firewall security and network switches
  • Cellular signal boosting and broadcasting
  • Machine automation and operation management
  • IP based telephone systems and voice servers
  • Cloud services including email, web hosting, document sharing
  • WIFI, secured and managed wireless services
  • WiFi and internet managed thermostats and controls

Our integrated products and services make buildings and offices “smarter.”

Professional installtion services offered throughout the Connecticut, Massachusets and select New York  areas. Direct sales for self installation also available with compreshensive support and pre-configuration as required.