AIMNET offers several levels of remote control and management. All AIMNET services may be managed at our control centers. In addition we offer 3rd party management of most other manufacturers EMS, BMS and SBS systems.

We proactively check, control and manage your buildings operations to reduce operating costs and improve performance. Most importantly, we decrease your costly reactive needs when something goes wrong.

Your systems are connected to the AIMNET platform via a standard Internet connection at one of our remote control centers. Our management staff then periodically inspects all building and office operations, verifying correct performance and managing all settings and changes.

If we find something incorrect, we immediately jump into action to correct it, most times before you know there was a problem or before it becomes an emergency. We optionally include automatic dispatch of professional technicians if the issue is site related and requires a site visit.

Our management staff are highly trained professionals in their respective fields who are always checking to make sure things are right, performing effective management and control as well as ensuring any malfunctions are promptly corrected.

In all cases remote management reduces on-site personnel responsibility and the costs associated with staffing a facility or bringing in a subcontractor. The need for costly on-site service calls is also reduced dramatically.

Need a change to something within your operations? Our staff is a phone call away.

Let us put your buildings operation in the hands of professionals for a fraction of the costs ordinarily incurred to correctly manage the operation of a facility.