Welcome to your Smart-Building web portal. This section of our website allows occupants of AIMNET Smart-Buildings direct access to specific services and options. You must be located within an AIMNET managed facility to use this portal.

If you are attempting to access your Private Smart-Building control panel, please enter the private URL for direct access.

Please click on a link below to proceed with the selected option.

Schedule Change


Request an occupancy schedule change

You may submit this form to request a change in your occupancy schedule. Your request will be submitted to our control center. You must be licensed for AIMNET services to use this feature.


Request Service


Request Service at your location

You may submit this form to schedule service at your facility. Your request will be submitted to our dispatch center and our scheduling agent will contact you to confirm an appointment.
Please do NOT use this for emergency service. You may contact us at 203-272-1242 for emergency needs.




EMAIL and Office 365 Login

If you are using AIMNET Email or supported Office 365 services you may login to your account here.

Note: For accounts activated before 2010, please click here …..


IMT Control Panel


LOGIN to your private IMT control panel

Your account must be licensed for AIMNET Enterprise services to access an IMT central control panel.




Network Login


Network and Wireless Service Login

Access to data network and wireless service central management panel. Note: If you are licensed for AIMNET monitoring you should contact your Project Manager or our monitoring center for changes to your services.